Leave listening mode

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Is there any command for the IDE to check if the listening mode is active and if it’s active to leave it?

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What IDE?
Web IDE: No
Desktop IDE: Via serial monitor you can check the response for any of the commands (e.g. “i” for identify)
CLI: Via any of the commands requiring LM (e.g. particle serial inspect)

I mean the Web IDE. So there is no programm or command in the DOCS with which I can leave the listening mode? :frowning:

So will this work?

if Cellular.listening() == TRUE {

According to: https://docs.particle.io/reference/firmware/electron/#listen-


Yes, in code you can do that, but you asked for the IDE, and there there isn’t a command to leave LM but there are commands that will cause LM to end when they are finished (e.g. succesful setting credentials on a Photon).

And to have Cellular.listen(false) work in code you also need SYSTEM_THREAD(ENABLED).