"Last connection" time stopped updating, data still flowing [solved]

I received an alert from IFTTT saying my Core was offline this morning. I’m not at home so I cannot check it physically.

In fact, it still seems to be offline going by the “last connection” shown in the Particle Dashboard of Jun 4th 2015 at 8:46 am (current local time is 1:58 pm).

What’s weird is I can still see my two Spark variables changing about every minute as they should (with seemingly-valid data too). Also there is still a blue light in the Dashboard next to this Core.

Are there any known issues where the device is online but the “last connection” stops getting updated?

Solved by a power cycle. :confused:

Hmm weird… i think IFTTT was listening for the online status event and the way yours behaved did not trigger that.

Sorry to hear that and i hope we get this improved as we progress!

@kennethlimcp do we have API to get Last Connection status in iOS?

@ido should have a better idea :slight_smile: