Keeping photon from resetting in case of wifi drop

Hi, so I have a photon(v1.1.0-rc.2) connected to a local network to transfer data. However, in cases when the router gets switched off and the photon is unable to connect, it restarts every odd 24 sec. The pattern goes like 24, 24, 11, 24, 24, 11…and so on for restarting. I would like it to not restart as it is losing data in the time it is restarting again and again.

Then your code needs to take control over the connection and actively disconnect and try to reconnect as your demands require.

So that means I can’t control the automatic resetting of the photon.

I think that’s in the automatic part.
You either let it do its thing autonomously and automatically or you assume control yourself.

You can opt for a hybrid approach where you keep the automatic in charge until your control code detects an anomally (e.g. AP disappeared for extended periods - but also system cold start) and then assume control as long that anomally persists.
This is what SYSTEM_MODE(SEMI_AUTOMATIC) is meant for.