Keep blinking red

My Electron device keeps blinking red (not exactly red, a little red, a little green and a little yellow).

My SIM number is 89340 76500 00283 395 2.
The device id is 34001c001451343334363036.
The firmware version is 0.5.1.


Considering that’s a bit of a vague description, to say the least, would you mind making a video so we can see without a doubt what colors/patterns are being displayed?

The video is here:

If I’m not mistaken, that’s yellow, not red.
Blinking yellow would indicate DFU mode, as described in the docs here:
What happens if you reset it?

There’s also a lot going on on that breadboard!
You might want to take the Electron out of that (excuse) rats nest and try without external circuitry :wink:

If you make a video of the RGB LED try to show it from directly above and with reduced exposure to make it easier to judge the colors.

The same after I reset it many times.

Is my SIM card paused?

But I can’t understand. If it is paused after it reach 1m limit, why did it reach 6.57MB?

Your SIM does not currently have a data limit. It will only have a data limit after you click the blue button.

The new video is here:

Is there any way to do a factory reset? I don’t know if the device is damaged or not. I can flash the code correctly.

The neares thing to a factory reset is via DFU Mode

particle update
particle flash --usb tinker

Very strange. Luckily it works now.