Ivan – a mutipurpose plastic case supporting Electron and Photon

Hello Everyone,
We would like to introduce you to Ivan, our new multi-purpose, configurable plastic enclosure with internal mounting points for hardware platforms such as Photon and Electron and mounting plates for various sensors such as a camera and a movement detector.

Ivan also incorporates a PCB populated with 10 front panel push button switches configured as 4 intuitive up/down and left/right functionality and 6 additional switches. Ivan also incorporates two multi-coloured RGB LED’s. Users connect LED’s and switches to their chosen hardware platform using their own hook-up cables.

Ivan additionally incorporates:

  • Removable rear panel providing screw-less access to user’s choice of electronic platform.
  • A battery cavity of to accommodate a 2000 mAh Li-Po battery.
  • Adjustable tilt/swivel bench-top or wall mount base.
  • A removable side and base panels, enabling users to customise holes as user requires.
  • Internal ring mount to glue a user supplied speaker. We designed a speaker grill in the front surface plastic.
  • Internal ring mount to glue a user supplied microphone. User is required to make a hole through Ivan if they choose to fit this.

Supporting the Dev community
To support the developer community, we intend to release the STL files of a generic hardware mounting plate, a generic side panel and a blank base panel enabling developers to 3D print their own mounting plates and panels customised to their needs.

Find Ivan on Indiegogo or us at goio.co