Issue with the BLE_Group library

I am trying to use the Ping Pong example from the BLE_group library and I keep getting “device has another group ID: FF”. I’ve tried a few different BLE devices and service addresses and got the same error but with different numbers (0-3). I cant find anywhere that I can edit the group ID and since this is my first jump into BLE I wouldnt know what that was anyway!! Has anyone else seen this issue? I am using 2 new gen BSOM’s .

The way the library works is that you need to put each device on line (reachable from the console) to send each a command with the group number and the role (only 1 central, rest peripheral). These get stored in EEPROM, then you need to restart each device to take effect. After that it works. If you have done all that and it is not working then you need to share the code.

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