Is there a Dev tutorial?

Is there a dev tutorial anywhere? I’m slow but it took me way to long to realize you had to save before you flash or changes don’t take place. I use Visual Studio frequently and Arduino IDE when forced to. Just wondering if there is something here or if I should research the Atom project.



See if something like this is what you’re looking for:

Thank you! I have seen this I am looking for something more in depth. I am sure with time I will figure it all out…as usual I was looking for the path of least resistance.

Be careful when you use “resistance” as a euphemism. Someone is likely to start spewing Ohm’s law. :wink:

Did you have particular questions? The docs link covers most of it. They even included the part about keeping projects in their own dedicated directory (which got me once!). I haven’t used dev lately, but can fire it up to help out!

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Thank you. What is the find in buffer and replace in buffer. I don’t understand what the buffer is I guess.

Unless it is just the serial stream(monitor)?

In a text or code editor, “buffer” means the thing you are currently editing, and is generally a file, but for a new thing that has not been saved to disk yet, is not a file yet, so the word buffer is sometimes used.

@bko Thank you that makes sense. Just like find and replace in any other IDE or text editor.

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