Is that possible to allow communication between photon boards without access to the internet

Hi I’m a very newbie to the Particle,

I’m doing an outdoor project that requires the wireless communication but no internet access.
So I’m wondering if it is possible to make one photon to be a coordinator and multiple end devices (just like xbee) without having internet access? I wanna make one photon as a DAQ unit and the rest will send the signal to that.

I found this article but do not fully understand it.

Is this available for us to use now? Or is there any other easier way? Or I should set up a router for my project so they can communicate through that?

The Photon works fine right now with no Wi-Fi enabled. So if you’re only an XBee coordinator with no Wi-Fi, and of course, no Internet, all you need is [manual system mode] (

Also, if you already have a Wi-Fi access point, even if it’s not connected to the Internet, that’s also no problem. The Photon can communicate with other devices like other Photons and laptops over Wi-Fi right now. There won’t be cloud access with no Internet, but they can communicate using low-level protocols like TCP and UDP, and also things like HTTP, without the cloud.

The issue you linked to is only in the case where the Photon is the access point for other Wi-Fi devices. That’s not yet fully supported. It’s sort of supported in the configuration mode ([SoftAP] (, but not fully for general use yet.


I’m not sure if i asked too much, but do you have any example on how to accomplish the communication between photon boards without internet access? That would be so nice cause I just started switching to use photon instead of Arduino due to some error i found using xbee, and so my project is due too soon as well.

This question was asked so often that one of these threads should provide enough info to get you started