Is it possible to have star topology in two or more asset tracker v2?

Creating a Disaster Recovery with multiple rescuee.

A little bit more info wouldn’t be a bad thing…


Our project was creating a disaster recovery for multiple rescuee using asset tracker v2 for faster rescuing the people.

As Moors7 said, a little bit more info would help, but really a whole lot more info is needed…

Is this to be used for general SAR (Search & Rescue), or is it a specific use? Who will be doing the searching? Are the rescuees part of your team?

What is the asset being tracked? Meaning, are you tracking individual persons, or a boat, aircraft, land vehicle or so on?

The questions above will make a huge difference in how to answer, without even getting into the technology.

When you mention star topology, what are all the different devices in this network? What device is the centre of the star? I could assume the device searching for the others could be the centre, or not…

In your star network, what are the distances involved? Is this measured on or in water, on land or in air?

When using the asset tracker v2, is it with a Photon, Electron or other device?

Once you provide the general information, then we can give you advice on whether or not your approach is appropriate. If it appears to be appropriate, then we can ask for further detail to help you determine if the modules from Particle can do the job for you.

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