IOT communication solution with worldwide coverage?


I am looking for a cheap communication solution with worldwide coverage which works indoor and outdoor. Has anyone experience with that or is that not possible today? Something like LoRa but via satellite fox example. Sigfox seems to be far away from a global coverage.
I would be very grateful for any help! :)smiley:

Would cellular range be okay, because the Electron should have worldwide coverage?

The Electron was my first choice but for a 3g connection I cannot use the same device in Europe and America. But I will investigate when the first countries will shut down 2g internet :)relaxed:
I have overlooked that the 2g version of the Electron is global so thank you very much for your reply!

You may want to hurry! 2G is on the clock in the US.

With all the consolidation in Mobile, you have to ask yourself if T-Mobile will still be here in 2020!

The Electron 2G (G350) is not entirely global - it does not work in Japan. In Australia the Particle SIM does not work over 2G because Telstra has shut down their 2G network, and the last carrier to support 2G, Vodafone, is shutting off their 2G network on September 30, 2017, at which point Australia will join Japan in having no 2G carriers (I think). And what BulldogLowell said about the US is true as well.

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Thanks @BulldogLowell and @rickkas7! Is there any other way I can connect a Particle device to the internet so that it can be today in Europe, tomorrow in the US and the day after tomorrow in Japan?

That’s one travelling device…

Wi-Fi would be my best answer, especially if your device has a Wi-Fi enabled travel companion (i.e. mobile phone).

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That was just an example. :slight_smile: The device should work worldwide without switching the hardware, but this does only seem to be possible with WiFi and a companion like a mobile phone as you said.