IoT combat gloves - Ideas + Feedback appreciated

So I’m working on a projects at the moment, and I’d appreciate all the help that I can get. I want to use the spark core to create a prototype of a pair of gloves that are capable of sensing the force of impact, the acceleration and perhaps that heart rate of the person who is using them. Here’s what I’ve been thinking so far

In regards to sensors:

A thing I had to keep in mind when using the sensors is that they had to be small, and also either placed so that they don’t take damage, or they’d have to be durable towards impact. I’m thinking of putting most of the electronics near the wrist, away from the knuckles. Here are some of the things I want to measure, and how I plan on doing so.

Force/Impact -

I’ve thought of maybe using some FSR’s, hoping that the padding on the gloves will reduce the force enough so that the sensor’s could present a useful value. The issues with FSRs however seems to be how little force they’re actually capable of measuring. I’d really love some suggestions in this area.

Acceleration -

I’ve been thinking of using an accelerometer, I’m not sure how many g’s I should aim for though seeing as the plan is to be able to measure a punch.

Heart Rate -

I really don’t know how I would implement this, any advice is greatly appreciate.

Gathering and presenting that Data :

So far the plan is to create a website where the data will be presented in the form of charts where your performance shown, perhaps the average performance aswell. I’m programming the website in angularJS. I’m using $http.get to retrieve some of the spark variables in my code.

Would it be smarter to have the data stored in a server ? What are my options in regards to storing and presenting the data in javascript ?

Out of curiosity, what are the gloves for? I have developed GoGlove, which doesn’t have all the sensors you mention, but we have looked into a lot of this!

To offer my opinion on your questions, I would say the storage answer depends on the use case. Do you need the ability to recall old data and analyze it? Or is it just a real time application? No need to store the data unless you have to.

For presenting data, I love d3.js. I have used it a lot and it is very flexible. I have used it alongside angular as well for some pretty awesome visualizations. I also find with angular i can make some pretty cool things with just svg drawings as well. And of course, there is good old Google Charts if you want more static things.

@eely22 thanks for the feeback ! I had a look at your gloves ! it looks like a cool idea ! It would be nice if I could store the data. Let’s say a session is 30 mins, so it should be able to store 30 mins of a variable changing and it would be nice if they were able to track their performance for a week ? I’m a big combat sports enthusiast so I’d like to be able to keep track of my own performance, which is why I’m playing around with the idea of creating a glove that can measure these values.

Oh yeah, and I had a look at d3 and google charts :slight_smile: i’ll try them out !

If you want to store, you need a database on the back-end. Depends on what you are comfortable with, personally I would use MySQL or mongoDB.

I would use the Javascript API and node to subscribe to the events, then store them in the database on the back-end. Then create a REST API to the data (lots of node packages for this) and just call it from the angular front-end, aggregate and/or analyze and present through either custom graphs or use d3.

There are some off-the-shelf type solutions you may be able to use as well if you don’t want to do all that. Librato is one that is referenced in the Spark docs, but I have never used it personally. You could probably follow this tutorial (go to the “Let’s make some Graphs” section) and do a lot of what you need.

Depends on how custom you want to make it and how much you want to do yourself!

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Are you still working on your glove project? We have an API ( that can consume device data via Particle webhook and process the data and learn from it. I’m happy to discuss further if you think we could be useful.


Wooow this looks really cool :slight_smile: Let me have a look at it and I’ll tell you what I think ! I’m done with the glove project atm - but I might pick it up the next semester tho !

You can sign up for beta access from our main page. It’s free for particle users.


I signed up for it :smiley: hook me up with access ? Haha

sorry for the delay. I’ll get back to you with your account details soon.



Just wanted to make sure you received your credentials for! Let me know if you haven’t


Hey michael, ye, I’ve received it ! I’m just on holidays atm, so I haven’t really got the time to check it out yet :slight_smile:

awesome…let us know what you think and any ideas you have about what we can do for makers like you!