Invalid ICCID on non particle Sim

For anyone else having issues with the Telstra SIMs, a brief recap below for you.

Context: Telstra SIMs have an ICCID (that’s the unique ID for the SIM) that has an ‘extra’ digit at the end which is non-standard. As such, the page does not recognise the ICCID you enter.

How to fix it:
0. I still used the instructions here to upload new firmware with my modified APN
To get past the ICCID screen, I entered my ICCID, but left out the last digit written on the SIM, it seemed to work. The alternative might be to use the Particle SIM ICCID to get you past this screen, but stop short of activating it maybe?

1. Follow these instructions to attach your Electron to your computer via USB

2. Go to your command prompt or terminal and run the command

particle identify

You will then get the output of the device ID

3 . Now go to the instructions ‘claiming an Electron manually’ (thanks @rickkas7)

4 . You can now connect to your device.

If you are using devices in Australia for connectivity, a handy suggestion:

I found a group > they offer some great pricing on the Telstra network if you need larger data volumes, we are using it as we need to have active polling on the device every 5 seconds (it’s an edge case scenario).
I’m using 300MB/month for $10/month.
They also have some cool stuff such as data pooling between SIMs, inventory control, locking SIMs to devices.

Just make sure to ask for the telstra.internet APN so it works when talking to the Particle cloud. The other APNs can put you on a virtual private network (which might be your thing but wasn’t for us given we’ll be using the Particle Cloud).

Happy messaging fellow Aussies!

Just another link to the official docs where the way to set the provider credentials is mentioned

I have ICCID 18 digits long and wizard does not allow me to pass with that. Do ICCIDs have 19-20 digits as a must? Or i can do something with that?

Then your ICCID isn’t really one :wink:

You can play with adding another digit to the end till you get a valid ICCID

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Well i get 18 digits through
particle identify

I’ll try this bruteforce. But wizard let me in even when i leave space

ICCID should also be printed on the SIM and the card it came in.

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