Introducing the Dashboard (alpha)


Is this going to be a free thing forever or is it going to be part of your whole fleet management offering? It’s very nice, and I’d love to use it for personal messing around.


Both, kinda. There are things available for everyone to use, and then there are things for those interested in fleet management, which are paid. Features will be added to both, although the paid ones are likely to be the more interesting ones, depending on what you’re planning to do. Keeping in mind that Particle is a company, and the folks over there like to eat as well, a paid model isn’t a bad thing.
If you search for “particle interactions” and get the last one with Zach, you can watch a thorough explanation of the paid tier.


The Dashboard is awesome but there are some features I would really like to see.

In no particular order:

  • Only show events from a selected device (its impossible to see anything when I have 30 devices all publishing events)
  • Only show selected events (same reason as above)
  • Be able to set up intelligent notifications i.e. Tell me if device X has not been online for X mins
  • Notification when hitting all the web hook limits (we get device notifications but not URL notifications at the moment)
  • Search Product devices by name as well as ID
  • Choice to flash Product released firmware immediately and not just on reset
  • Group devices in a Product - I think this is what the Customers tab is for but as we own/claimed all the devices I can’t figure out how to get them into Customer groups


Thanks for the feedback, @joe4465!

We’ve been heads-down working on getting everything ready for the launch of the Electron and haven’t spent much time on the Dashboard.

We don’t have our roadmap set yet for the Dashboard post-Electron, but I’ll make sure these requests get captured. Most of them are on our list of improvements/fixes already.



Neat implementation of the ELK stack - Use this at the office and love it!


very cool dashboard! will there be an open source version avaiable? I would like to host it local…

or does anybody know an open source dashboard which is as cool and complex as thisone?


@dauntles thank you! Glad you are finding it useful. At the moment, the dashboard is not open source – although the dashboard is simply a front-end application that consumes Particle’s API. You are more than welcome to build your own dashboard experience on top of our endpoints.



I’m having a problem with the Dashboard where after some indeterminate amount of time (anywhere from hours to a day or more) the dashboard will become unresponsive, and won’t show any new data coming in.

After searching the forums I found that this was a known issue last year in April when it was introduced.

Is this still a known issue? Or was it a result of using an old version of Chrome (37.0.2062.124 M)? I’ve since updated to the newest version, but haven’t had a chance to test it yet.

I don’t know about anyone else, but to me the dashboard is an essential feature. It allows me to do the logging I need (I’m using the electron as part of a cycle tester to test things with) without much coding. I think it’s absolutely wonderful aside from the whole not working reliably thing.



Glad you are finding the dashboard useful. The logs page was really built for real-time debugging during development, and not for long-term consecutive use (days/weeks/etc.). If you do need a consistent stream for an extended/indefinite period of time, I would recommend listening to the server-sent event stream directly from a web server.

To find this endpoint for your logs, you can click on the terminal icon (pictured below) to display it.

Hope this helps!



Hi @jeiden, I have been using dashboard for some time and recently upgraded to “Prototype” subscription plan (where I have up to 25 devices with up to 5 team members).

In this plan data is only real time. Am I correct in understanding that regardless of what subscription plan the dashboard does not keep a history of logs? Or is it because I am not yet on a paid plan. I am about 5 to 6 months before my IoT product is no longer in beta testing and I need to upgrade. Thanks!


Though it’s planned for the future, there currently is no historical data, unfortunately.


Hi @Moors7, thank you for the response and confirming!


It looks like this is quite old, but I’m finding what I think is the same issue. My timestamps are cut-off on about half of my events. Is there a way for me to adjust the column widths?



How about unfolding the event and taking the “raw” data like this?


I have done that, and it shows me the UTC time within the raw data, but I was hoping it was possible to resize the columns so I could see the local event times all in the summary.

It’s not a big deal, but I figured I’d check and see if I was missing something.



Hey there, possibly not a solution, but when I zoom out I am able to see more info on the columns of the console.


That sounds interesting. How do you “zoom out”?



After hitting few times CTRL - (control and minus or dash)

From Google Chrome Help:


Excellent! I should have realized that’s what you meant. I’ll give it a try.


oops, sorry for not being clear to start with :wink: