Interrupts and volatile integers vs volatile booleans

Quick Question about defining the volatile variables for interrupts.

All documentation I read has us use
volatile int _myState = LOW;

This has always worked for me, and I don’t particularly have a problem with it; however my mind can’t wrap around why you wouldn’t use something like:

volatile bool _myState = false;

for the same variable. Wouldn’t this be a better solution (my guess is not, since smarter people than me write the documentation for this stuff).

My question is why do we use volatile int instead of volatile boot when we are dealing with HIGH/LOW, true, false, and 0/1’s?

My take is that you can use either with no problems. Using int is common mainly because digitalRead and digitalWrite return/take an int in the original Wiring API for Arduino and it makes sense to be consistent. On the 32-bit ARM Cortex processor used by the Particle products, you don’t usually save any memory using a bool because the compiler aligns all values in memory to 32 bits because that’s the way the processor works most efficiently. But it can still make the code clearer in some cases using bool so I’d use it where it makes sense to.