Internet Button for Cellular

Hi from Germany,

I bought the Internet Button for wifi and it works perfect. I’m using it for notification; if someone (my custimer= banks and insurances) clicks the button, I will receive a sms or mail to call back.

The problem is, that my customer don’t know the wifi-code or aren’t allowed to use something over there own wifi.

So, now I’m searching the same Internet Button for the Cellular Electron board. Unfortunately the Electron Cellular board is to big for the wifi Internet Button.

Do you know where I get the same button for my purpose?

Thanks in advance

@savas, Particle doesn’t have a similar button for the Electron. The schematics and Eagle PCB files are available if you want to design your own.

Thanky you. Where do I get the schematics and Eagle PCB files?

@savas, the schematics for all the shields are here:

and the Eagle hardware libraries are here:



Thanks for the help!