Internet Button accelerometer only sends 0s

Hey Folks,

I’ve got an Internet Button and I’m trying to read the accelerometer but it’s only giving me 0s for x y and z, no matter the orientation. Thoughts?

    int xval = b.readX();
    int yval = b.readY();
    int zval = b.readZ();

You’re going to need to provide more details… What kind of accelerometer? Which libraries are you using? How do you have it wired up? What’s your full code?

@dougal,they said this was on the internet button, a particle product.

So the part #, connection, and also example code are all known and provided by particle.

@mbmosher, can you post either your whole sketch, or a small test case showing the problem.

It’s a basic question, but are you calling b.begin() before you call b.readX() and friends ?

Ok, the old power reset clear this up. Don’t know what or why it was happening, but its working again. Thanks folks.