Install particle-cli with Visual Studio 2015

I’m trying to install the particle-cli tools on Windows 10 and it’s failing. I have Visual Studio 2015 installed and when I execute npm install -g particle-cli, I get lots of warnings and lots of errors. Ending with

Failed at the serialport@1.7.4 install script ‘node-pre-gyp install --fallback-to-build’

Is there any way around this?


Not sure if this will exactly fix your issues but I found that using the CLI from a Visual Studio command prompt was a problem for me. When you do the install/use the cli be sure you are not using the VS20xx command shell, just a plain old cmd shell. It was the serial port stuff that broke when I used VS2013 command prompt. If the problem still persists check what path/variables are set globally.

It didn’t matter if I was using the Visual Studio command prompt or the regular command prompt. The serial port package does not appear to compile with Visual Studio 2015.