Include header file stored outside default workbench file structure

I am working on developing a comms stack that is shared between an Electron project in Particle Workbench and a bootloader that is being written in a different IDE (STM32CubeIDE).

I have a header file located in the non-particle project that I would like to include in my Particle project.

Is there any way to add a symbolik link in Visual Studio Code such that I can include that file (accessed via symblink that is located in the my Particle Workbench project’s src folder)?

Alternatively, is there a way to change the include paths used by the Particle Workbench build process (make file)?

I think I can go the other way around if I really have to (just copy the file I need to the Particle folder and then configure include path in STM32CubeIDE to include the Particle folder in question.) but I wanted to check if I can do it from within Particle Workbench first.



Using mkLink command line utility on a Windows machine lets you make symbolic links. You can also use a GUI for it: Symlinker (GitHub)

That's not something VS related but a OS feature. But yes, Workbench can use symbolic linked libraries and files.
You can also add a sym-link to the home directory of the header file(s) and use relative path includes (e.g. include ".\extFiles\extHeader.h" where extFiles is a sym-linked directory)


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