Importing/Validating a Lib

I am trying to import and validate a lib I “ported” (just a few minor edits were needed). I have imported it and it shows up as an Unimported Library but when I click on validate I get blue chasing arrows and then nothing. I cleared my cache in the WebIDE, closed/reopened Chrome and all those types of things. Without an error message it is difficult to move forward in fixing what the problem is. The blank white panel on the right might also be wrong, first time I’ve tried to import a lib so not sure how it is supposed to look.

@LukeUSMC, I had the same error when I didn’t have my version number correctly formatted. I had a “v” in front like “v1.0.1”. Make sure all you json fields are correctly formatted. :wink:

@LukeUSMC try to see if its valid json otherwise it will tell you what’s wrong with it