ImportError: No module named 'Adafruit_SSD1306'

Hello, I am new to this forum.
Weird, just two weeks ago. I had the oled working on Pi. But during the confusion time of re-install etc… unfortunately I lost that script. now I try to re-create this script, this first thing I encountered is:
ImportError: No module named ‘Adafruit_SSD1306’

What happened? I don’t remember how I get it to work at first time. But this error was definitely not there for sure. Beginning of my script looks like this :

import RPi.GPIO as GPIO

import time

import Adafruit_GPIO.I2C as I2C
import Adafruit_SSD1306

from PIL import Image
from PIL import ImageDraw
from PIL import ImageFont


Seeing as these forums are Particle related, are you using Particle on your Pi? If so, you should be able to find most libraries in the Web IDE.

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