Import devices (Beta) Question or problem

I am trying to use the bulk uploader for the first time. I got my list of 50 devices in the new tray from sales and saved it as a .csv file. I am able to upload the file to the import devices page, but none of the drop downs arrows are working. What I mean is if I check the “set firmware version” box, a new dropdown arrow appears right next to it. I assume this is where you can select the device firmware that you have already uploaded, which I have done, but nothing happens when I press the down arrow. Nada, zip.
Also, if I check the box next to “Claim device” you also have another dropdown arrow that should show what I assume is either your products or groups. Not sure since this one also does not populate with any options. Nothing happens. So thinking that it is me, which it usually is, I have tried two browsers, clearing cookies, history, etc etc. No dice. Can someone please check and see if it works for them or is it busted?
I have one other random question for anyone who has gotten trays of 50 before. Are they in any particular order? I looked up a few serial numbers but they are all over the list. I thought for some reason that they would be in order and match the list from sales.

Thank you

The product is selected in the New product named or Existing product radio buttons. If you are creating a new product, you have to click the Create product button first.

After a product is selected, the select box next to Claim devices is a popup containing usernames. This will include the product owner or a list of team members.

It sounds like a product isn’t selected yet, which will prevent it from working properly, and I just realized causes the UI to behave strangely.

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I just logged back in and it is totally fixed. I will try using it on my next batch. Thank you for the quick reply and fix. Have a great weekend.

There is was a bug that caused the org and product selectors to not appear in certain cases, which caused other things to not work. It was an easy fix so I made it and it should be good now.

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Thanks again.

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