IFTTT Slow response time

Has anyone been experiencing a major slowdown in IFTTT applets running when called from Webhooks? Yesterday my applets ran 4 hours after the triggering event that generates a Webhook call. My events are tagged with a timestamp so I could see the time difference when the applet ran versus the event trigger time.

I was using IFTTT event polling in the past but it became so slow I switched to webhooks which ran the applet within seconds. But over the last few weeks the delay between the triggering event and the execution of the applet has made the applet fairly useless as it is no longer close to real-time.

Hi @jmosk, I confirmed that recently, the response from IFTTT is relatively slow. This response is direct from IFTTT and it would be that the delay is on their end.

I used to use event polling at IFTTT but in time that became far to slow. People here recommended using Webhooks which I agreed would be better. We know Webhooks is a push from Particle as opposed to a polled pull from IFTTT. The applets ran within seconds of the webhook. Unfortunately I still found delays as the applet was sending the event to Gmail and apparently IFTTT’s gmail queue is so long that it was taking up to an hour to receive the event.

I want to switch the output to go to SMS instead to get an alert on two phones. But IFTTT does not have an outbound SMS service where I can send to two phones. I have the gmail sending two emails to the SMS carriers email to text address. But in further examination, I started to see that the applets themselves were being delayed for hours.

I have noticed issues with IFTTT the past several days. Slow or no action at all. Could it be a nudge to start paying up?

It seems that paying up is related to having more than 3 applets or wanting to have access to more complex applets with conditions and perhaps multiple actions. I certainly hope they are not slowing down accounts that are not paying or claiming paying customers get priority service. Think they would admit to that if they were?

It would be against their best interests to admit to any such thing. But I can still believe it’s happening.

Wow. IFTTT is getting worse by the day. Today my Particle Photon event occured at 10am and the applet ran 7 hours later at 5pm. IFTTT has become unusable as a mechanism to send alerts in real time.

I am going to need to update the Photon software to initiate a text message directly from the device instead of using an outside service.

Well, I am about to drop IFTTT in connection with my Particle devices. Yesterday my real-time alerts to particle events took 24 hours to reach me. IFTTT has become useless with Particle devices.. I am generating a text message in response to a particle event and the text used to appear within seconds of the event. Now it appeared 24 hours later.

I am working on changing my Webhook to connect to a Twilio javascript where it will fire off alerts to a couple of mobile phones which was what IFTTT was doing over the last four years of running this applet.

I recently upgraded to the Pro version, largely as I use it as a way to know when one of my devices is powered up. I have in excess of 3 devices I’m watching.

I did happen to notice the following when I was configuring one of my Applets:

For a different application, if my Applets don’t run within 5 minutes, I’ll quickly be cancelling my IFTTT account, as I’m using it with yolink water leak detectors to shut off my house water via a Photon-based device and a ball valve.

I gave up with IFTTT after using it for 4 years. In the past it was always very responsive. Now it has gone to hell with Particle events, with an applet running some 24 hours after a posted event. My applet sent a text message when an event occurred. I have switched to Twilio and the Particle Webhook calls its API and I get an alert within 5 seconds of the event!!!