IFTTT list messed up

After adding my Raspberry Pi to the list of devices, it seems to change the order of the list. It was Pat1, Pats_Photon, Pat2and then Pi. It then changed to Pi, PatsPhoton, Pat1, Pat2.

When I look at my IFTTT I had do button to call a function on Pat1. It now says “Pi” instead of Pat1, but the command goes to my Pat1 device. I cannot create a new recipe that has Pat1, it shows Pi and PatsPhoton in the list.

Did you guys mess something up with the IFTTT integration on your end?


This should probably be moved to the IFTTT category now…

OK - after a little debugging I think I have narrowed this down a bit.

First, it appears that the IFTTT interface does not persist the selection of device on monitor event or device and function on a call function. The recipe will work but if you come back and edit the recipe it always shows that the first item in the dropdown list is selected.

Second, it appress that when I went around and removed power and then reapplied power to all my devices, the names then appeared correct in IFTTT.

I now know my work around but it would be great if this could be fixed in the IFTTT integration.