IDE blinks cyan, but devices are powered off

Hi all,

my mesh devices (Argon, Boron & 2 Xenon) are successfully connected to my account, updated & flashed.

However I noticed that IDE indicator still blinks cyan for all mesh devices also when they are powered off since 20 hrs.
Reconnecting IDE doesn’t help.
All other gen1 devices indicators works as expected.

Someone hit the same problem?
Many thanks for any help. Marco

That’s a common “issue” we already know from the Electron due to the connection-less nature of communication where you can’t know whether a device is alive or not, since not being connected is the default state.

The only way to actually know is trial and error.

There might be a workaround, having your devices actively sign off when they are going to sleep planned, but that doesn’t really solve the issue of unexpected outages not being registered.