i4C: Life Saving Automated Vehicle Crash Detection and Reporting

Greetings. I am looking for kindred spirits as my conversations on the motorcycle forums are meeting crickets. I’ve been working on an open-source, Particle based ecosystem for detecting and reporting crashes automatically. My first thought was toward motorcycles, but snowmobiles and other vehicles can be supported.

My community has no concept of what I propose. Luddites. I am looking for constructive criticism and input:

• I4C is IOT with a purpose. It is a real-time, open-source, vehicle crash detection and reporting system which will detect, record, and report a crash to local authorities or search and rescue teams anywhere on Earth.
• I4C is a multi-vehicle system for people who want or need to always be in touch. I4C can be transferred to different vehicles; “profiles” make I4C work appropriately so you can use I4C whenever, on whatever, and where ever you want to keep in touch.
• I4C is built entirely from existing industrial grade parts, connected to industrial grade networks everywhere you go.
• In areas under cellular coverage, I4C is connected by LTE at minimal cost. In areas not covered by cellular, I4C has an optional – rentable - satellite module which can connect you via text anywhere on Earth.
• I4C is beyond a simple satellite communicator such as Spot or InReach; with a automatically configuring mesh-enabled components, I4C automatically detects, logs and reports the incident. But most importantly, I4C calls for help while providing your vitals, your circumstances, and your location to emergency services. I4C will then automatically connect you via audio to respondents.
• I4C is a better than an app on your cell phone. It does not tie up your phone. It works where your phone does not. It works by actively sensing the crash and your condition during, and after, it.
• I4C is a purpose-built system with active sensors placed on or in your helmet and on your vehicle. Optionally, there are modules for your crash suit and your cargo. I4C is designed to be easy to use and beyond accurate. It is a system designed to detect and report a crash, even if you cannot.
• I4C is designed to perform and priced to become an essential part of every motorcycle. At $200 for the basic system (with features on par with InReach), I4C goes far beyond with intelligent sensors and automatic reporting (cancellable if not needed, of course).

• I4C uses devices which are so simple, you don’t even need to turn them on. The components are designed to connect themselves to a special network called a mesh. For you, it means just ride.
• I4C used off-the-shelf mesh-enabled microprocessors, sensors and actuators.
• I4C uses a small mesh-enabled base unit mounted on and wired to the vehicle. The base unit contains a power distribution system for six circuits, plus sensors for movement, location, biometric and environment.
• On the rider’s and pillion’s helmet are a small and very light mesh-enabled sensor designed to detect impact, and to monitor the biometrics of the user and to record data.
• There is an optional small mesh-enabled sensor also available to connect to the rider’s and pillion’s suit. This sensor can be used to further detect impact, adding to the accuracy of the system. It can also sense and record the user’s biometrics and environmental conditions.
• I4C has a group of powerful microprocessors capable of feeling, evaluating, and reporting a life-threatening event within seconds.
• Because of active sensing, I4C knows more. I4C knows you heart rate and stress levels. I4C is capable of detecting your voice calling for help. I4C knows you are incapable of calling or help.
• I4C uses mesh-enable LTE to communicate. This alone covers most of the inhabited places on Earth, but when coupled with an Iridium-enabled communicator, I4C can call from anywhere, at any time.
• With I4C, both passengers and vehicle are monitored. With active sensing, I4C will report if your vehicle is stolen, or you are taken away.
• I4C is built on Particle, which means military grade IOT available on most places.
• I4C has panic actuators which can be used even if there has not been an accident.
• I4C will automatically initiate a call for help to your local authorities. The system will report your location, your condition, your circumstances, and your need to local authorities, and then connect you via voice if possible.
• Even if you are unable to communicate, I4C will continue to speak on your behalf with real-time announcements of your vitals. I4C will also turn on microphones and video (when available) to record, then upload your surroundings.
• If you’re are able to communicate, I4C will connect you.
• I4C is focused on knowing what happened and finding help. It collects data locally, and uploads data only when there is an emergency. I4C is the electronic equivalent of calling 911, but with coverage and capabilities never before imagined.
• The data which is collected is kept for a period of time on the base unit, then aged out. If there is an emergency, or the users wants the data kept, it is easily locked.
• The user can choose to keep or upload the data for analysis. The system is fully open, and the data belongs to the user.
• I4C will paint a picture of fact as to what happened to you for the Authorities and the Courts.

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