I2C line hangs up after reset

I’m connecting the PN532 module with my photon using I2C. Everything works fine when the photon is powered up for the first time. But after a reset or firmware deployment, it seems that I can’t write a command to the I2C line anymore. Anyone has the same issue?

I’m using the Grove NFC and this lib here https://github.com/Seeed-Studio/PN532

Have you read the bug-note on the SeeedStudio wiki?

yes, I read about it. But I’m actually using an improved version, Grove NFC v1.1, not the v1.0, and everything actually works correctly with I2C then the photon is powered up for the first time. Only after I click on reset button or deploy a new firmware via OTA, the I2C wire.beginTranmission() fails.

@Brewskey you have worked with Grove NFC & I2C before, do you have info?

I have the grove hardware but I don’t remember if I got it to work. It was a very long time ago that I was working with NFC I2C.