I have several photons running on a remote site, but cannot setup new ones

I have several photons running on a remote site, but cannot setup any new ones. The strange thing is that if I bring them home I can set them up on a different ISP. I’ve tried different routers with no luck. They just blink cyan like they can’t find the cloud. the remote site ISP uses a proxy server, could that have anything to do with it?
Things I’ve tried is updating firmware and flashing tinker and taking them back to the remote site with no luck.
I’ve taking new photons that have never been setup with no luck.
the only thing I could do is that I took a cellular modem and connected them through that using that ISP.
Any suggestions?

I do remember a “WiFi prerequisites” list in the docs (which I cannot find anymore) that mentioned that a proxy server may pose a problem.

Maybe @rickkas7 or @marekparticle can clarify that and also add the WiFi prerequisites (i.e. no captive portal support, no 5GHz support, no 40MHz wide band support, no WPA Enterprise for Gen3, …) for each generation of devices into the FAQs and respective “Datasheet”

Hi @ScruffR - here’s the writeup we use. We’ll be working on a Support Doc that captures this once we have a spare moment:

First, can you provide any more information about web connection do you have? If you haven’t already answered this question when submitting your ticket - is it a home, corporate, or university connection?

Are you the administrator of your web connection?

What kind of authentication does your web connection use? If you are on a WPA2 Enterprise connection, please see the relevant support article here: (link), and please note that this feature is only available on the Photon and P1.

Next, do you have any firewalls in place that may preempt IoT connectivity? This is the number one root cause of WiFi connectivity issues.

Does the web connection require users to enter information on any kind of captive portal / login page? This can often present an issue.

Please confirm that you are not attempting to connect to a 5GHz network, or that there is no identical SSID between the 2.4GHz you are attempting to connect to and a 5GHz network in the same area.

Can you please check to ensure that IPv6 disabled? This should be off.

While you’re investigating your network settings, it’s worth confirming that the implicated port for your device is open:

Outbound TCP port 5683 (Photon/P1/Core) 
Outbound UDP port 5684 (Argon) 

Have you installed the Particle CLI and attempted to run particle serial wifi in the CLI while the device is connected and in Listening Mode? Have you received any errors upon doing so?

Can you please reset the firmware on your device by running particle update and particle flash --usb tinker using the CLI and allow the device 2 minutes to try to connect?

Have you been able to test whether or not the Device can connect to a Mobile Hotspot?

Finally, we ask that you please follow the instructions here (link) to source important debug logs from Photon / Argon Cloud Debug. Please note the uninstallation instructions at the link as well. Using the serial monitor per the instructions, please gather about 10 minutes or so of logs that document the device attempting to connect. Please then copy and paste those logs into a .txt or .log file and attach them to your response.

@pauldc - the answer to as many of these questions as you can would be really helpful to us!

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