HTTP call + Interrupt [SOLVED]

(Newbie to this type of programming here)

I wrote some code that calls TCPClient.connect() function every 10 seconds are so. Meanwhile, I call a function in a loop to blink an LED.

Originally I had them both in the same loop, but the HTTP call has 1-2 seconds of latency, which causes the blink to stall.

So I tried the SparkIntervalTimer library to place the function in an interrupt. The code executes without error, but the HTTP call still seems to block the blink operation.

Any ideas? Is the interval library not appropriate here? Or is there something that I can do to cause the HTTP call to not block?

EDIT: Evidently the version I wrote with the interrupt didn’t update via the cloud as I thought it did; I made a minor change to the pulse colors, uploaded and this works fine- the blink is uninterrupted.