How to use a third party private APN


I am currently working with a Boron 2G/3G device and I have a third party SIM that uses a private APN, I have followed the tutorial to use a third-party SIM but the device does not connect to cellular network. If I use a public APN from the same cellular carrier, the device does connect to the network.
As to what I have seen it appears that there is something about the device that does not get a static IP assigned. This same SIM works well on the Boron LTE since the static IP only gets assigned on 3g network.
Does anyone know if there is a way to make the Boron able to connect to the network and get me a static IP assigned? Or is there a limitation on using a SIM card with a private APN like this one?


It’s not possible to specify a static IP address for use with a Private APN.

It is possible to use a static IP address if the SIM provider automatically returns it via DHCP or PPP negotiation, but there is no way to configure the u-blox modem to send up a specific IP address request as part of the PDP context setup. The modem hardware theoretically supports it (AT+UPSD option 7), but getting to it would probably require modifying Device OS.


The SIM that I am using is supposed to return automatically a static IP address if I use a specific private APN to connect but it seems like the boron is not getting it assigned since it gets stuck on connecting to the network!
I have used the same SIM with the same Private APN that I use on the Boron on another cellular device not from Particle and it does get an IP address. It seems like the Boron does not get a successful APN resolution ending in the device not getting any IP address assigned.
And about the DHCP or PPP negotiation, does the Boron automatically do that?