How to transfer large PDF files via Boron Board

I am trying to figure out how I can send large files via the Boron Board to the cloud. I am looking to send PDF’s, and SVG’s files. I need a secure way to send them as well. Well maintained libraries are imperative so ones that are casually maintained would not work. If there is a way please share your wisdom with me. I have been looking for a month. I have even tried to get a response on other threads.
Thank you in advance for any info.

@Nita, are you looking to use the Boron as a cellular modem for a PC? Where are these large files coming from? When you say “cloud” do you mean the Particle Cloud or your own web server on the internet?

Thank you for your reply it is a program that is sending secure data from a computer via the boron to the cloud like google cloud.

@Nita, the Boron is not designed to act as a cellular modem for a computer. The Boron only encrypts traffic to its Cloud via Publish/Subscribe commands which are not suitable for sending large amounts of data.

Thank you for your time and information

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