How to Solve a Bad Key Issue OTA?

Hi Community,

Today I ran into the bad key problem for the second time and thanks to particle community I solved it really quick.

But I still could not get the causality of this problem. Both times this issue happen to me is just like the classical programmers’ joke: it was working all right yesterday…and next morning when power up my particle, it is just blinking cyan with red bursts.

More importantly, what if this issue happens when the product is already out there with a customer? The solution requires a USB connection and DFU mode. This is impossible for the end users to do and we cannot troubleshoot OTA.

If this is because of dangerous codes an embedded engineer must avoid, are there any documents I can check?

Thank you very much.

Currently there is no OTA cure, but the plan is that 0.7.0 should bring some safety net features into the system to self recover or make recovering a lot easier.


Thanks for the prompt reply.

I myself am ok with tinkering this stuff. But when a product built on Particle platform is out there, is there something we can build in our application firmware for the user to easily recover from this problem?

Also when you guys were solving this, what problem was it causing this? Is it onboard storage usage stuff like EEPROM or external flash? Any coding tips?

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