How to set the Slave Select (SS) line to High for 50 nano seconds?

I am trying to set the slave select line to High for 50 nano seconds between each read and write sequence in SPI transfer.
How can I achieve this ?

Using Spark Core as the Master.

Can I ask why you need this brief flash of SS high? Which other chip are you trying to communicate with so I can look at the data sheet.

Trying to communicate with Time to digital converter, Please see the note on pg 3-19 of the Data Sheet

Hi there. I think you might be mis-reading the data sheet. All the nanosecond timings (except the data validity timing) are minimums. This is for compatibility with slower master devices.

Also, there’s no indication that you need to flash SS between data blocks, you can keep it low the whole time.

Just set SPI mode to 1 (Phase 1, Pol 0) and off you go!

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