How to save .ino locally

I had built the firmware using Spark page “BUILD” feature. However, I could not find a simple way to save the .ino file locally. So that I could try out to build IDE in future,

There’s no way to check out the entire project from the Web IDE for now.

Ypu can simply copy the entire code and paste in an editor before saving as an ino file :smiley:

Thanks, this is what I am doing now :wink:. Just wonder they will provide this option later.

Hi All,

Yes! We have an issue open for this here - - definitely something we want to provide to make it easier to get code in and out of the build IDE.



Hi Dave,
Will this feature be implemented soon? I really love to have it when I have more than just myself working on the project.
Since online build did not provide link to GIT, as project files getting bigger, this is really became a need for it.


Hi @Dilbert,

Sorry about the delay! We haven’t had a chance to build this out yet, I’m hoping I’ll be able to get to it in the next few months.


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“Next few months”: It is over 2 years later. Is there now a way to save the .ino locally from within Build?