How to restore folder array

I have had problems with Workbench randomly causing problems and using info from this category have resolved them but I am frustrated with a project I am working on that has twice given me problems when Workbench is closed. The first time a Windows update closed Workbench and when I restarted it I had errors with the .ino file and when I tried anything it wants me to open the file. Doing an audit shows no info in the folder array. I have to delete the projects folder and then create a new project to clear the errors. The second time I may have closed Workbench and when reopening I had the same problem. Is there a way to edit a file to show the location of the project so I don’t have to create a new project?

AFAICT it’s not the file you need to open but rather open the folder where the file lives.

Thanks I will try that the next time.

So when I opened Workbench again the project failed again. If I try to clean the application it asks for the file. Clicking on the directory doesn’t work as it is wanting the file. Once I click the file it says it can’t find the task. Doing an audit again shows the folder array empty. I have other projects and they are behaving properly.

How about

  • closing all editors in Workbench
  • then hit File - Open Folder
  • then select the folder your project lives in

BTW, can you post the file structure of your project?
Is this a project that was created via Particle: Create New Project?

So as I was going to respond I opened Workbench and when I went to open the folder that is when I realized I had created the same folder name before creating a project and duplicated it as a subfolder when I created the project. I was then opening the main folder instead of the subfolder. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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