How to reset Spark Wifi Password

On some cell phones you need to “forget” a wifi SSID and password to be able to reset it. Other phones you just re-enter the password. Do you have to fully reset the Spark Core Wifi Credentials (hold mode button about 10 s) which deletes all the wifi passwords (max 7 allowed), if you have entered one password incorrect or if the wifi password has been changed?

Unless you’re intending to use all 7 credentials, you could just input a new one. Once you get to 7 it’ll overwrite the oldest one. Any use case in particular why you’d want to delete a single credential?

I believe the OP refers to the case where the SSID did not change, but the password did.

1.) Holding on the MODE button for 10s will erase ALL 7 wifi credentials

2.) The easier method is simply to send in Wifi credentials again and the CC3000 will automatically figure out which profile to use out of the 7 like what @Moors7 mentioned :wink: