How to report bugs and provide feedback

Hello Particle Workbench users :wave:

We greatly value your feedback - to help us better diagnose and fix your issue as quickly as possible, here’s what you can do:

  1. Search in the community for similar reports - often times your question will have already been asked and answered
  2. Create a new topic / thread and include the “[ISSUE]” prefix - this will help us quickly differentiate bug reports from general questions / discussion
  3. Verify you are using the latest versions of VSCode & Particle Workbench - there’s a decent chance we’ve already fixed your issue. Here’s how to update extensions and how to update VSCode
  4. Disable Antivirus - some antivirus programs interfere with VSCode / Particle Workbench - temporarily disable or explicitly grant VSCode higher privileges and confirm your issue is still present
  5. Bypass USB hub / extensions - if you are working with a device and are seeing issues related to its USB connection, try disconnecting all USB devices and reconnecting only your Particle device directly to you computer’s USB port.
  6. Check your USB Cable - Likewise, if you are having issues connecting to your device over USB, try using a different cable. You’d be surprised how many “power-only” USB cables are out there.
  7. Avoid Cloud Storage Drives Storing your project in Dropbox / OneDrive / Google Drive? Try moving it to a standard directory
  8. Please provide clear steps to reproduce your issue - what chain of events lead to the issue? what happened? what did you expect would happen?
  9. Include an Environment Audit Report - run the Particle: Audit Environment command (docs: 1, 2) and include the nonsensitive portions in your issue details

Thanks for using Workbench and thanks for helping us make it better for everyone :pray: