How to Remove Product

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I no longer have devices in a product, how do I delete it now?

It’s not currently possible to delete a product. You can have an unlimited number of empty free prototype level products so there’s no real penalty for having the empty ones.

If the unused product is particularly confusing in your situation, it can be renamed with a support ticket. Be sure to include the numeric product ID. An additional verification step will be required as well.

I want to clean up some old products and remove them. When will this feature be added?
Isn’t delete one of the most common things to do. I should also be able to edit a name as well directly.

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I also want to remove a product from my product list. There is no technical penalty for having empty ones, but for order and a clean product list, this is an unwanted annoyance.

@Mic, I agree with you, clearly Particle do not see Edit and Delete Product entity as a development priority for the console? I have raised a support ticket when I have needed to clean up the product names I have and delete a few - Rick is very good at doing this and quickly.

Actually there is a penalty, prior all the prototype quantities going up, one of our prototype products triggered the subscriptions level. Its now sitting there billing away even tho it is unused, however because I’m not the one in control of the email address linked to the account I can’t directly request it be removed, and the person who can keeps forgetting to do so. If it could be done from the console, zap it would be gone already. Removal and downgrading as well as upgrading should all be in the console.

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If one has to raise a support ticket to do this every time it is needed, then it seems like a waste of resources and time NOT to implement this in the console. I mean as Particle grows, a bigger demand of this will develop, guaranteed. It’s a waste if support has to take care of these seemingly small requests every time someone wants to remove or rename their products. It’s a win-win situation in the long run for both particle and users.

Again I agree with you - development backlog priorities!

Removing a product will be added to the console, but it’s in the backlog of priorities.

If you have a paid level product, however, you should remove all of the devices from it and create a support ticket and we can downgrade it to prototype level. And we can also rename products.

The reason for all of the trouble is that deleting a product touches a lot of systems, the product database, billing, SIM management, customer management, and so on.

It’s something that needs to be fixed, it just hasn’t been done yet.


So far this is the 3rd thread I’ve found on this topic and I’m just wondering if I’ve missed the one where a solution has been found/implemented for this.

Is it possible yet (7 years after initial query) to delete a product from our account? I saw the thread where removal of a product was a complicated issue due to the number of backend systems involved so I would be content with some sort of “hidden” product flag that could be purely used by the account to control what’s displayed in the dashboard.

If anyone has information about this it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Go into your product, select Settings in the left-hand icon bar, and there is a Delete button at the bottom of the settings window.


Thank you. I ended up finding it after having posted. I should have done more digging. Just didn’t see any updates on current threads explaining it and assumed it wasn’t available.