How to read data from a PH sensor?

I am new here. I want to use my spark core to read the PH value .
Now I have the PH sensor like this

the question is how to connect to my core ? Do i need another shield? may be SHIELD SHIELD

can somebody help me? thanks very much.

@liji_jordan, welcome aboard!

We would like to help you here and it’s a nice looking sensor, but have you got some more detail about it?
Model numbers, datasheet links, any info for English reading people?

@ScruffR thanks for your reply. there is not any english directions.
but i know it have the BNC (Q9) connector. i do not know how to connect it with my spark core.

You could have a look here

While it suggests to use their shield, I don’t see it compulsory to use it, as long you’re able to provide a suitable BNC connection any other way.

I also see a similar product here, which has schematics and Arduino code:

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@ScruffR thanks .but i could not find it in china. will i make the shield myself?
I will try.

@electronut thanks a lot. it is useful .

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