How to print word vertical in OLED 0.96 display

i have a OLED 0.96 and its work and print word in horizontal now tried to print word in vertical so how to do.

What do you mean exactly?
Do you want to change the orientation of your screen or write vertical text like this

v  T
e  e
r  x
t  t

For the former you’d obviously use the respective feature of the display library you use (which we don’t know without you telling us) and for the latter I’m not positive there is a direct option.

hi ScruffR,
i want to change print vertical in display like this

Which library?

e.g. with Adafruit_SSD1306 you could use display.setRotation()

To be exact, you are not printing vertically but rather rotate the screen orientation from portrait mode to landscape mode - for that reason you cannot mix text orientation as the screen only has one direction at any given time.


Thanks ScruffR,

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