How to make Photon to be a network proxy device?

I have a camera that broad cast its own wifi network. When you connect to the camera wifi network, you can control it. I want to connect my Photon to the camera wifi network. Is there a network proxy library that would work with Photon hardware so I can make the camera server visible through my router’s network?

This is an interesting use case. Since the camera is broadcasting it’s own network, you could connect to the camera’s network by specifying the credentials.

WiFi.setCredentials("SSID", "password", WPA2);

Ideally you’d only do this once, since the credentials are remembered between reboots. That will at least get something working for you.

Just thinking aloud - a future API would make this process easier, something like


This would connect to the named network (that has been previously configured), making it easy to switch the Particle device between WiFi networks as needed from your application code.

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