How to limit publish to IFTTT only once everyday?

I have a photon project which publishes an event(send an email) when I shake vibration sensor. I just want it detects the action of sensor once a day? What ways I can do?


Use a timer perhaps? Look for SparkIntervalTimer library.

What you want to do seems straight forward if I’m understanding correctly. You want to detect vibrations but only transmit to IFTTT once per day. The quesitons I would have are:

  1. Are you tracking multiple vibrations and sending an aggregate value? or are you simply sending a boolean indicating if there was movement that day?
  2. Is your 24hour tracking period from 00:00-23:59 (or 12AM to 11:59PM)?
  3. Do you want to transmit at a specific time each day?

Basically you’re doing something like this pseudo-code:

uint32_t lastPubTime =;

setup() {

loop() {
    //Detect Vibrations if any.

    //if there was a vibration, increment counter.

    //Check if it is time to publish yet.
    if (lastPublishTime + 24hours >= {

      //Pulish to IFTTT

      //Set lastPublishTime to


Thank you so much,

I just use 1 vibration sensor to publish and use bool to check if it had sent already.
expect 24h like 00.00~23.59
I don’t need a specific time
I think it works with your solution.