How to find backup RAM or retained memory size on photon from desktop IDE?

Hello all,

I am fairly new to photon and got few sensors working. I am trying to write to retained memory an integer array and would to like to know how much size is left using command line or from desktop IDE. I have setup the particle cli on OSX and connected photon via serial.

I have seen this command in the forum arm-none-eabi-size but I am not sure how to run it.

Please help!

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure there is no dedicated command and AFAICT arm-none-eabi-size is unaware of the RAM “partitioning” used for Backup RAM vs. “normal” RAM.

It’s also unaware of what amount of the Backup RAM is pre-assigned for system use (which may change beteween device OS revisions).
But since Backup RAM (0.6.0+) has mere 3068 bytes it should be simple to keep track of the byte count you try to cram in there in your code.

However, be aware of the default packing at 4byte boundaries.


Thanks, that helps! :slight_smile: