How to download a library

I want to download a library (ASSETTRACKERRK) to compare it to its previous version (ASSETTRACKER).
Is there a command to download a lib?
Otherwise, I must copy and paste file by file.

You can download them from github:


Official AssetTracker:

However you can’t really compare them because they don’t have any files in common. I used the TinyGPS++ GPS parser in AssetTrackerRK, the official library uses the Adafruit GPS parser. That’s the real difference; I find that TinyGPS++ is much more reliable. I just made the APIs compatible without using any of the same code.

When using po-util, you can download a library and add it to a project by doing:

po lib get GIT_URL LibraryName

So to get the Asset Tracker library you would just do:

po lib get

And then do the following to add the library to a project:

po lib add AssetTrackerRK