How to convert 3.7v into 1.5v

How to convert 3.7v into 1.5v ??

@Nitesh11271, The easiest way is an LDO (linear) regulator. You could also use a dc-to-dc buck (switching) regulator. It really depends how much current you need at 1.5v.

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Any serial or number of that component??

And i need very small circuit that can fit in 0.5cm hight,2cm length,3cm width box

@Nitesh11271, this has nothing to do with Particle does it? You still haven’t told me how much current you need at 1.5v. Is the 3.7v source a LiPo?

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I have 3.7v 800mah battery i want 1.5v for regular watch (hand clock) i have imges i am going to upload

I want to run my clock

Is this a digital clock running off a Particle device?

Or are you powering a mechanical clock with a motor?

mechanical clock analog watch

Do you own any Particle devices?

Just wondering how you ended up here for help building an Analog watch :slight_smile:

I searching for 3v to 1.5v converter circuit i find too many sites and blogs but it didnt hept me out much so i find some posts on this site then i sign up and ask a question…

@Nitesh11271r, the are a LOT of regulators which could do the job. I selected a linear regulator that can supply up to 50ma which I suspect is much more than your clock needs:

This is a surface mount part. If you need a through-hole part than you can use an adjustable regulator:

These parts are not definitive but will help you find what you are looking for.

If you are using a LiPo to supply power then make sure you use one with built in protection hardware (over/under voltage, etc.).


Thnxx very much peekay sir.

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