How many sockets are available on P0/P1?

I’ve been searching the forums trying to find a definite answer on how many sockets are available on a P0/P1 and have seen a range of answers over time. I’m currently having SOS issues because I did not properly manage my connections, so while I dig thru my code I figured it would be good to know the limit I have to work with.

Digging thru the firmware, I found the following:


Does that mean the max is 5? Assuming the cloud connection uses 1 socket that leaves 4 sockets for application firmware? This does match up with some of the posts I’ve found.

Did I find the right section in the firmware?

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Ping @rickkas7 or @KyleG

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I’m pretty sure the answer is 4 available to the user, with 1 for the cloud connection on the Photon/P1. There’s some discussion about increasing it for 0.8.0.