How man particle argon's can I have in close proximity to each other

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How many particle Argon’s can I have in close proximity to each other, for example if I had 6 in 1 meter range of each other would this be an issue?

Argon> 1 meter > Argon> 1 meter > Argon> 1 meter >

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Hi @suttyct -

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I cannot provide you with a definite answer, but based on a project I did some time ago, there seems not to be a limit to this, unless unless the gateway you are using i.e Router / AP has some restriction. OR if you start running out of IP addresses in a range. :grin:

We had 16 Argons / Xenons in very close proximity.

Hope this helps.

Regards, Friedl.

The Argon does not have any limit itself. In operation, you’re limited by your Wi-Fi network. We’ve done hackathon and demo sessions with dozens of people at long tables a meter or two apart with no problems.

While it may not be an issue in your case, for classrooms and demos it can speed up the setup process considerably if all of the devices are upgraded by USB beforehand. Having everyone do an upgrade over BLE can take a long time, especially with a large number of people in close proximity.

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Thanks Both, I was worried if there was to many modules I could have a bit of wifi collision. Pretty confident now that it will work

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