How long does it take to invent something new?

The town where I live have less and access to electrics. They carry few arduinos, raspberry pi, three breadboards, few circuits, some parts sold out, etc. I got last sparkcore(sold out).

I have few supplies to work with. I tried invent something new but I couldn’t make it work. Any ideas?
How do I become successful inventors like Tesla, Edison, Steve Jobs, Musk, etc?
I did work hard. How? I got the notes down.

You can always buy from international distributors and follow the path of least resistance to come out with your product.

I don’t have an answer on how to become a success inventor but one thing i know for sure is that they put in a lot of time and effort along with some great products that solves tough world problems. :wink:

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I live far away from any electronics shops like radio shack. I would buy from sparkfun. Here is a link