How do I get my Boron back on line?

Hi, I am returning to my Boron dev kit which I want to view pressure on my phone. How do I get the Boron on line ?.

@richard3 ,

Sounds like a cool project, welcome back.

If you want to get your Boron back on-line (from this I assume it was activated and had connected previously) here are some steps to take:

  • Depending on the Boron, you may want to charge and connect your LiPO battery. 2G/3G Borons can demand more power than your USB port might be able to provide.
  • You may want to run the device doctor to ensure the SIM card is still activated. If it is not, the kindly doctor will take care of that.
    Device Doctor | Tools | Particle
  • Not a bad idea to update the firmware to the latest either dev (5.x) or long term support version (4.x) deviceOS and to install “Tinker” which can help ensure your device has software that wants to connect.
    Device Restore USB | Tools | Particle
  • Note that both of these tools require Chrome (bummer but unavoidable).

So, give that a try and let us know how it goes.


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