How do I add an OAUTH client using the console? Thumbprint ICON not present?

Hi folks- Having an issue-- I’m needing to set up a second OAUTH client and can’t figure out how other than to do it programmatically. I was reading the particle guide on building a product / Authentication and it states this can be done from the product console. It describes a thumbprint icon which I’m not able to locate on the current console under my product menu. I was migrated from the earlier console with our ~8 beta clients and perhaps this is due to the migration. What would you recommend to move forward? By the way, I really like the new console design – it’s pretty clear to me how devices and products are structured, etc.


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seems to have a new icon

Yep-- I believe that ICON is for setting up web hooks as well as other future integrations.

I might be misunderstanding your question, but I think that is the icon. You need to be in your product, and it’s the bottom icon labeled Authentication.

That was a helpful graphic. Here’s what it looks like on my display of the console. Leads me to believe there is a defect that occurs when migrating from the old console to the new one:

The same issue popped up int his thread, and might have something to do with files still being cached. Could you try an incognito session?

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That did the trick, thanks! Logged into Chrome incognito, and Icon now appears as a thumbprint as it is supposed to and I can access the OAUTH credentials.