How are rc Firmware versions handled for automatic updates? (Answered)

If I flash the rc versions to a device going to a customer. Will the automatic updates work? ie will the released version of rc be updated on the device automatically ie safe mode?

We want to give some units to some customers but dont want to have the latest rc version in fear that it would be able to auto update later on automatically.


@wesner0019, if you push code to the device which has been compiled to the “full” release version then the auto-healer should kick in to upgrade the system firmware. Otherwise, it won’t upgrade by itself.

That said, this only happens if the RC version is actually different to the release version.
I had a case with 0.5.2 RC where I expected and auto update to release via Safe Mode Healer but didn’t see one. So I asked at Particle and got the info that the final RC and the release version where just two “names” for the same system.
So don’t be surprised if you won’t see an update, you can trust that the final RC will be exactly as good as the release version.


Thanks for the clarifications!

Thanks @peekay123 @ScruffR for the help!